The Summit Home and Office Air Purifier

The Summit Home and Office Air Purifier The Summit Home and Office Air Purifier
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Rocky Mountain Air




A Professional 6-Stage Home & Office Air Purifier


The Summit Air Purifier and Sterilizer combines the best technologies available today to cleanse the air of 99.9% of all airborne pollutants.  Not just a filter … not simply a purifier … The Summit Air is the best of both worlds. 


Pollutants and odors have no change against The Summit Air … here is what they are up against:

§Dirt, Dust and Debris Pre-Filter

This initial state traps large particles such as dirt, dust and debris. 


§Hospital Grade  Washable HEPA Filter

With a filtration rate of 99.3%, it can capture microorganisms, bacteria, mold, and viruses below 0.3 microscopic particles.


§UV2 Ultraviolet Sterilization

Mimics the Sun’s sanitization properties.  Artificial UV energy has proven to be 1,600 times more effective than the sterilization effect of the sun in killing viruses and bacteria, mold spores, mildew bacteria and other airborne antigens and pathogens.


§Photo-Catalytic Filter

The Photo-Catalytic Filter oxidizes toxic fumes and decomposes odorous substances into odorless carbon dioxide and water.  Removes airborne bacteria and deactivates viruses.


§Activated Oxygen (03) (Purify)

Oxidizes airborne particulates such as perfumes, food smells and cigarette smoke.  Converts these pollutants to 02 (pure oxygen).


§Negative Ions (Anion)

Produces negatively charged electrical particles that attach themselves to particulates in the air (positives ions), rendering them heavy enough to fall to the ground and out of the air we breathe.

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